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As quality is held in the highest regard at our organization, all of our translators undergo a strict language assessment within their respective industry before getting hired. Resulting in an end product that not only meets your expectations but budget and turnaround time as well.


Translation, in its most basic sense, is the conversion of words from one language source to another. However, in most cases, you are not seeking to merely translate words, but are looking to convey a concept or idea.

Translation, when completed in this way, is a detailed process that includes the following:

  • Analyzing source language in relation to the intended audience’s languages
  • Execution by qualified native speakers of the target languages who ensure are aware of cultural nuances
  • Editing and proofreading translated text to deliver the greatest degree of accuracy
  • Returning completed translations in the same format and layout as the source files (where feasible)

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Localization is the process by which multiple language versions of your product are created. The goal is to develop a foreign language edition that appears to your target customers to have been originally developed in their native language.

Localization is a complex process involving many steps:

  • Reviewing target market to identify local linguistic and semantic requirements
  • Analyzing product to determine the areas to be adapted
  • Translating and modifying linguistic elements
  • Re-engineering the core product to accept the new foreign market content
  • Testing new foreign market editions to ensure they meet performance standards of domestic product

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