Ycomm Europe, an integrated documentation services provider, is proud to announce the product launch of QA Distiller and ColourProof, part of an integrated Translation Quality Control service.
Ycomm Europe has identified the need to automatically detect measurable errors or defects in translations, and has therefore developed QA Distiller, a fully automated quality assurance tool that scans bilingual files and translation memories for omissions, inconsistencies, formatting issues and terminology mistakes.

QA Distiller provides a reliable, objective and consistent way to analyse and evaluate translation quality. It traces measurable mistakes and enables users to fix errors quickly. The design and development have been driven primarily by the need for a robust procedure for quickly evaluating translation quality and, if needed, improving it.

QA Distiller was successfully demonstrated at the LISA Forums in St. Petersburg and Paris. Recently it also received critical acclaim at the Localisation World Conference in Bonn, indicating a huge interest and need in the industry for automated QA solutions.

Ycomm has also developed ColourProof, a proofreading tool that allows proofreaders to have more control over the change management in the documentation process. ColourProof generates colour-coded PDF files, highlighting in different colours the segments that are retrieved from a translation memory and newly-translated or modified segments.

Ycomm’s customers already benefit from this automated and integrated quality assurance approach. Ycomm Europe now also offers Translation Quality Control as a separate service. Customers can have their translation memories checked, before the “garbage in, garbage out” downslide starts, or receive an objective vendor evaluation. With this unique service, Ycomm effectively adds value to the localisation process, and paves the way for trust-based relationships with customers.

If you want to know how this QA approach can be implemented in your localisation process, check out www.QA-Distiller.com or contact us at QA-Distiller@ycomm-europe.com.

Press release: LISA: http://www.lisa.org/press/membernewsmore.html/23